Black Ironmongery
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British Made - British Quality

There are many varieties of Cast Irons all of which have different properties and applications.

Our Black Iron products are manufactured from 100% Whiteheart Malleable Iron as this was, and still is, the most appropriate material for this style of ironmongery. The strength and durability qualities of this type of iron help give our products the long life that you would expect from quality items.

Don't be fooled by cheaper products available elsewhere!

There are many similar products available in the UK and indeed worldwide. However, very few are manufactured using the true Whiteheart Malleable Iron process and will, therefore, not give you the service and lifespan expected. Our products have been made by the same Foundry in Walsall, West Midlands for over 150 years. This long tradition of manufacturing means that our products have a style and authenticity that is lacking in the cheap imported imitations available from other suppliers.
The Manufacture of Malleable Iron

Our Black Ironmongery products are hand made by skilled craftsmen using traditional methods of production which have not changed in essence over the last 150 years.

The initial stage of production is carried out using the greensand casting process. At this point the castings are hard and brittle and cannot be hammered, filed or rivited into finished products. The castings are therefore subjected to a heat treatment process known as Annealing. In this process the castings are surrounded by an inert haematite ore within iron drums and loaded into ovens of six to eight tons capacity. The ovens take about two days to reach the annealing temperature of 980C. During this process the carbon structure of the iron is changed. The resulting castings are no longer hard and brittle but soft and malleable.

After shot blasting and grinding to remove any rough edges the castings are then assembled into finished or semi finished products. A rust proofing finish is applied to the products which are then dipped into a liquid paint and stove dried. This is then followed by a Black Powder Coating process which is also cured by stoving.
Environmental Statement

You can be confident that our products are more environmentally friendly than other ranges of Black Ironmongery. Before the current vogue for such claims, our manufacturer invested heavily in a state of the art electric induction furnace and extraction plant. This enables them to melt iron much more efficiently and re-use the scrap which is a normal bi-product of any traditional casting process.

Our manufacturer is also subject to stringent UK emissions regulations to which they constantly adhere. This means that their production methods are much more environmentally friendly than ranges produced in India or China and this is before such products have to be shipped half way round the World to end up on our competitors shelves.

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