Black Ironmongery
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Welcome to our Black Ironmongery Store

Welcome to our Black Ironmongery Store

Thank you for considering our range of High Quality, British Made Black Cast & Wrought Iron fittings for your project.

You can go straight to the store sections by clicking on any of the links below or on the left hand menu bar.

Black Antique Cast Iron
An extensive range of ironmongery fittings in traditional Black Antique finish
Battel Black Cast Iron
A comprehensive range of fittings in our smooth Battel Black finish for a less rustic look
Rawnsley Black Cast Iron
Original Victorian ironmongery patterns for front entrance doors
Miscellaneous Ironmongery
A range of hard to find, traditional ironmongery products that you thought were long since unavailable
Airers, Racks & Shelving
Ceiling Clothes Airers, Pot Racks and Slatted Shelving - ideal for the period kitchen
Rim Locks & Latches
Quality, British made surface mounted Rim Door Locks and Latches
Mortice Locks & Latches
Superior quality Mortice Door Locks and Latches in a wide range of types and sizes for internal and external applications
Quality Butt Hinges
A wide range of high quality Butt Hinges for both domestic and commercial applications in a variety of sizes and finishes
This Months Special Offers
Details of our current Special Offers - updated on a regular basis

150 Years of Quality Manufacturing

Rediscover the Ironmongery of yesteryear!!

Our quality Black Ironmongery products have been made by hand in a traditional English foundry for over 150 years. This long tradition of manufacturing means that our products are authentic in design, material and finish and will add original character and charm to both period properties and sympathetic new build. Details of the manufacturing process can be found HERE.

Please do not confuse our products with the poor quality immitations available from other suppliers!!

Unlike other suppliers, we do not select our products on price alone. We've seen some of our competitors products first hand and we would certainly not want them fitted in our own homes. We select all of our products using the following criteria:

Quality:We look at the quality of raw materials used, the manufacturing and finishing processes and the standard of workmanship.
Durability:We supply products that will last. Many of our black ironmongery manufacturer's products that were fitted over 100 years ago can still be seen in use today.
Continuity:Our products are sourced from well respected and established manufacturers to ensure continuity of supply.
Environment:We care strongly about the environmental impact of the manufacturing processes used in the production of our product range and only source from manufacturers operating the highest levels of environmontal protection.
Value:We say "Value" rather than "Price". Because of their quality, our products offer much better value for money than the cheaper products available elsewhere. Remember - cheap products are cheap for a reason.

Probably the largest range of authentic Black Cast and Wrought Iron Door & Window fittings available on the web!!

Our extensive range of black ironmongery fittings includes cabinet and drawer handles, cupboard knobs, gate furniture, ring latches, suffolk and norfolk thumb latches, door pull handles, finger plates, door lever handles, door knobs for mortice and rim applications, keyhole escutcheons and covers, rim door locks and latches, postal knockers and letter plates, door knockers, centre door knobs, bolts for doors and windows, working hinges and false hinge fronts, hat and coat hooks, house numbers and letters, window fasteners and stays, bell pushes and bell pulls, door chains, cabin door hooks, wall lights and hanging lamps, door grilles, trivets and pot holders, coal tongs and fire pokers, hanging basket brackets, shelf brackets, clothes airers, racks and slatted shelving, shutter bars and fasteners, gate stops, boot scrapers, flush ring handles and much more.

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